A Poem

The road was long and winding

The company was okay

The food- I’ve had better

And Kevin, he complained the whole way


But life is full of potholes

And you just have to adjust

Because sometimes just sometimes

You are stuck on a bus


The seats were way too crowded

And sometimes we couldn’t see

The view was clouded

And Olivia had to pee


But you know, sometimes these things happen

And you can’t make a fuss

Because when you least expect it

Pop.. there goes the bus


Now you’re stranded

Could it get any worse?

We hired a new bus

And Sevan forgot her purse


As luck may have it

In matatus you may go

And meet with your group later

Unless the universe is your foe…


Somehow you get lost

And things aren’t so funny

Especially when you realize

You don’t have any money


But suddenly when all was bleak

You find your way

And Irena orders pizza

And you didn’t have to pay.


The end.


By: Patrick Mugabe and Sevan Boudakian (MMASc in Global Health Systems in Africa Candidates) and Erika Freeman (Collaborative Program in Global Health Systems Candidate)

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