The Elixir of Life – Balancing Access and Sustainability

The famous Economist Adam Smith pointed out in his “Origin and Use of Money”, nothing is more useful than water. Yet, it is undervalued, and some are unwilling to pay for it at all. Locals in Kibale have been relying on stream water since their well had broken two years prior. This has serious health implications because it runs through an intensively farmed area and is not treated before use. The town councilor explained that it had been difficult for the community to scrape together the funds because few were willing to pay for the repair.  Despite the well being an absolute necessity for the health of the community. We were troubled by the blasé attitude toward clean water, but upon reflection realized this was a common attitude globally. This attitude can be tackled by developing sustainable water access and educating people regarding the importance of the resource for economic and physical well-being.  But, for now, people needed access and planning for sustainability can follow.

Reflection 11

Reflection by: Liz Favot, Erika Freeman, Spencer Yeung, Angelina Zhu

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