Wet Shoes in Karagita Slums

Walking through the Karagita slums today, we met with the Lake Naivasha Disabled Environmental Group. They told us about the beautiful coloured flowers in Naivasha, and contrasted it to the brightly coloured pieces of plastic and paper littering their community. We found it particularly inspiring that after a lifetime of being made to feel like they are not worthy or capable of a job or “normal” life, they still shared a vision for a Naivasha free of disease. This is something they are working towards through waste management initiatives. Although we left the slum community in pouring rain and flooded, littered dirt roads, we felt hopeful. Undoubtedly, with more support from the community and the government, this group has the potential to change the community in terms of waste management, entrepreneurship, and destigmatizing disability. After all, these are not disabled people. These are people doing extraordinary things, who happen to be living with disabilities.


By: Amin Farah and Adele Richardson (MMASc in Global Health Systems in Africa Candidates); Rael Adhiambo (BSc Masinde Muliro Univeristy, Kenya)

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