We are global citizens

Twenty-four students in Western University’s African Field School have just finished up an exciting and intensive 3-week course investigating the Global Health Systems issues that impact the intersect between water and health in communities-at-risk in Kenya.


Throughout the African Experiences Abroad blog you saw the students explore the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean which flank Kenya’s ‘forgotten city’ of Mombasa, to changing water resources along the Great Rift Valley Lakes from Lake Magadi in the South, to Lake Nakuru, to our home base in Lake Naivasha. Issues of water, sanitation and hygiene, water-borne illnesses, and food security became apparent.

Our inaugural blog post by students Jean Sauveur Uwitonze and Kathleen Meszaros asked, “Could we solve these problems? Do we have adequate resources? Are we empowered enough? We think yes.”

With Sarah Higgins’ mantra echoing in our ears, ‘be small, stay small, and you will get work done’… we did just that. Over the next five blog posts you will follow five student groups as they partnered with local community groups within the Lake Naivasha basin to tackle Global Health Systems issues. In a small amount of time, and with a small budget, the students, in collaboration with community representatives, identified a local problem and came up with an innovative solution that would lead to positive change. And some, even some their hands dirty…

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