Jesus Loves You Café

As we drove from Kampala to Jinja, we observed that religion is well-accepted and important to Ugandan society. It shapes mundane decisions, ranging from what you name your business, to how you decorate the car you drive. Some of our favorite examples include the “Jesus Loves You Cafe”, the “God is Great Car Wash” and even our own van displays the message “Allahu Akbar” on the windshield. However, religion in Canada is a relatively private matter that one would not overtly use to identify themselves or market a business. Despite these differences in overtness of religious expression, many similarities still exist. In both Canada and Uganda, outward expression of religious affiliation can be seen through apparel, such as hijabs and rosaries, and various places of worship co-exist. Understanding the importance of religion will be crucial for us as we continue to interact with Ugandan people and communities!

Ref 2 nico

Reflection by: Anya Kochel, Felicia Krausert, Rose Moss, Oscar Senar; Photo taken by Nico Trick

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