Meeting a HIV/AIDS Hero

A significant part of today’s reflection is based on the luncheon event for Dr. Peter Mugyeni’s acceptance of his honorary doctorate at the Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC). We were moved by his passion for HIV/AIDS research and how he selflessly dedicated his work to the millions of people affected by it. While he is a very accomplished individual, he and his family were more than willing to interact with and welcome us with open arms; we were truly humbled by his hospitality and humility. This is the kind of work ethic and positive attitude we hope to maintain throughout the rest of the placement. This will be especially important as we work together as a team throughout the field school and as we split off into our placements. Now that we’re all here together in Uganda, we are beginning to feel the crucial need for team cohesion. Overall, the first day has been inspiring for us all and we are looking forward to learning more and growing together.

Ref 1 Dr. Creed posing with Dr. Mugyenyi (nico)

Dr. Creed posing with Dr. Mugyenyi

Reflection by: Bob Kigen, Jason Knapp, Christine Park, and Veerta Singh; Photo taken by Nico Trick

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