Source of the Nile River

The Nile River has been known for the place where Moses was left in a basket, but also known for the place where Gandhi’s ashes were spread in honour of his fight for peace in Africa. To pass through the source of the Nile River today, knowing that it has been recognized for thousands of years makes us truly reflect how the past, the present and the future of our planet are all connected. During our boat ride, our tour guide pointed all the diverse birds inhabiting the river. However, it was the African fish eagles that resonated with us. These birds mate for life and are virtually inseparable. Once one partner passes, the other eagle will die of of a broken heart. The power of love defined the way they lived their lives. On a broader scale, love is what ties all of us together. To sustain the present and future of planetary health, we need compassion, commitment and collaboration and to understand that we are co-dependent with one another – which happens to be key qualities the African fish eagles possess.

Ref 5 Onyka group

Reflection by: Liz Pham, Onyka Gairey, Mike D’Agostino, Kevin Erratt

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