All God’s Children

Throughout our eight days in Uganda, we have seen signs of religion everywhere – on buildings, stores, hospitals, schools, etc. Since today is Sunday, we walked thirty minutes to go to an Anglican mass just outside of the park. We were warmly received by the pastor of the church as we arrived. She made a point to shake our hands, which made us feel welcomed and comfortable before we even entered the church. Throughout the mass, she was vibrant and exuded positivity. Although we couldn’t understand the native dialect, we saw these qualities through her actions. We did not feel out of place – there was a lighthearted atmosphere between the pastor and the congregation. This sentiment was further expressed when she said that everyone in the church, including us, are “all God’s children” showing that even though we may have come from the other side of the world, we are all still the same.


Reflection by: Camille Chemali, Clare Nelligan, Georgina Mends-Paintsil, Reshel Perera; Photo taken by Liz Pham

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