Lessons from Under the Fig

The human mind is one that is deeply curious, always looking to push the frontier of knowledge forward. Today, as we sat under the fig tree we were affronted with the fact that there is an ocean of mystery left to explore in the Ugandan rainforest. Dr. Colin Chapman, our guide for the day, stood on top of one of the large roots of this ecologically important tree and shared his understanding of this forest. He revealed a piece of his world to us, telling us stories about the fig tree, medicinal plants, and creatures large and small.  However, there are still unknown and untold mysteries here in this forest. Dr. Colin Chapman’s curiosity was contagious and reminded us that, as graduate students, we are also on a common quest. We too want to unravel the mysteries of nature and push forward the frontier of knowledge. To dig deeper and satiate our own desires but also for the benefit of all of humanity.


Reflection by: Liz Favot, Erika Freeman, Spencer Yeung, Angelina Zhu; Photo taken by Nico Trick

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